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You have a choice as to which shop will repair your vehicle. If your insurance company sends you to another body shop for an estimate, take your vehicle there to get the estimate, and then bring the estimate to us. We will work directly with their estimate. If you have an estimate from an insurance adjuster, bring that to us as well. Remember, you choose the body shop to repair your vehicle not the insurance company.

What to Do When You Have an Accident? Click for More/Less Info
By: Stephen Bass, Collision Center Manager

• Make sure everyone is all right and call for help if anyone needs it. Always call 911 if there are injuries.

• Turn off the ignition of all vehicles involved in the accident.

• Call the police, even if the damage appears to be minor. Be sure to get all important information such as names, drivers license numbers, insurance information, telephone numbers, etc. Get the name and number of any witnesses to the accident.

• Do not leave the scene until all matters have been taken care of. Give only the necessary information to the police or to the other parties involved. Do not discuss fault, your personal condition, or anything unrelated to the accident. This can help minimize future legal action.

• If a police officer insists on using a wrecker at the scene, know where your car is being taken. Get a card from the tow truck driver or write down the driver's name, towing service name, and phone number. Ask if they can tow it to Milton Martin Collision Center. Even if there is an extra charge, this will usually be less expensive than paying storage charges and having it towed to us later.

• Remove all valuables from your vehicle before it is towed away. Make sure you take your insurance information with you

• Call your insurance agent to report the accident. They will provide you with instructions on how to proceed with your claim. If the other party is at fault, also call their insurance company.

• Get an estimate from the collision repair center of your choice. Remember that hidden damage may not be evident until after tear down.

• Don't authorize any repairs until the insurance company agrees to pay for the repairs. The shop must have your permission before beginning repairs.

• Choose your repair shop carefully. Improperly repaired collision damage can decrease the value of your vehicle and make trading it more difficult when buying a new car. Call Milton Martin Collision Center if you have any questions.

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A few reason to make Milton Martin Collision Center the body shop of your choice:

While no appointment is necessary, you may want to make an appointment for your convenience. Just call us or fill out the online appointment form. To avoid being without your vehicle over the weekend, it may be convenient to bring it in on Monday morning. The vast majority of vehicles will be completedand returned to you before Friday afternoon (the exception being those with major collision damage).

If you cannot stop by during our normal business hours, please call to arrange for a special appointment. Remember, you can always use our after-hours drop box. Simply fill out the form in the drop box, place it and your keys in an envelope, and drop them in our drop box.


We are not part of a large, impersonal chain.

Small enough to provide personal service.large enough to have trained technicians and all the equipment needed to do collision repair correctly.

State-of-the-art laser measuring system for repairing frames and unitized bodies.

For the most accurate paint matching, we enter the paint code from your vehicle into our computerized paint mixing system to match the original factory color.

We replace windshield and windows using high quality auto glass at affordable prices.

Our work is covered by a Limited Lifetime Warranty. For details, please see a copy of the warranty in our office.

We can arrange a rental car for you to use at attractive rates while your vehicle is in our shop. (In many cases, the cost of the rental car may be covered by the insurance carrier. Call for more information.) We can also arrange for towing.