Come Alive in a 2017 Toyota Corolla in Gainesville, GA

May 25th, 2017 by

Many styles and models of vehicles exist on the road, serving different types of people with different necessities. However, one of the most crucial and common characteristics that people look for in their vehicle of choice is reliability. No buyer wants to select a vehicle that will live a short life and act as a poor investment. Known for the longstanding quality in each one of its vehicles, Toyota has many styles of vehicles available, each with a commitment to quality. For a buyer that is in the market for a compact car, Toyota offers the Toyota Corolla. The Corolla is a simple yet highly effective vehicle that does not carry a large price tag. Buyers looking for a 2017 Toyota Corolla in Gainesville, GA should head to Milton Martin Toyota for reputable service from a knowledgeable team.

2017 Toyota Corolla

Always Feel Safe

Of the many fantastic aspects of driving a new Corolla, a favorite of many is the safety that is offered in the Corolla. Some useful features can be utilized to help avoid any sort of wreck or accident. Drivers can easily shift lanes accidentally when driving along the highway or interstate, but in the Corolla, Lane Departure Alert with Steering Assist is a life-saver. If the vehicle begins to move into the other lane, the driver will be notified with lights on the side mirrors. For more extreme situations, the car will actually pull itself into the proper lane so no harm is caused. For many, driving at night can be both scary and dangerous due to decreased visibility of everything. The Corolla comes with Standard Automatic High Beams. There is also a camera on the vehicle that can detect other cars and turn the beams to Low when necessary so the other driver can still see well. Dynamic Radar Cruise Control improves upon the cruise control feature that makes long drives much easier. With Dynamic Radar Cruise Control, drivers can enable a preset distance between themselves and the car they are following so the vehicle never gets too close. If the car in front picks up its and the distance gets bigger again, the Corolla will speed back up to the set speed. The Standard Pre-Collision Warning System with Pedestrian Protection can also be a life-saver. If there is a pedestrian that is in front of the vehicle and a collision appears imminent, the Corolla will engage the brakes for the driver so no one is hurt.

A Beautifully Designed Interior

The Corolla is fully functional and equipped with fun and useful features, but the interior is also equipped with a beautiful design that allows for an experience that riders can treasure each and every time they enter the Corolla. The dashboard has been redesigned to allow for a more luxurious and smooth experience at all times. Drivers looking for more control of their Corolla can opt for available paddle shifters so the drive is really put in their hands. Those looking for the perfect temperature in their Corolla can opt for the available auto climate control. With this, drivers can digitally select an exact temperature so their vehicle stays exactly as they like it at all times. Despite the compact size of the Corolla, the trunk still offers immense space so the Corolla can be used for any trip. The 60/40 rear split seats add even more convenience for vehicle owners wishing to optimize their space exactly how they want it. One or both rear seats can be folded flat.

2017 Toyota Corolla Gainesville

Do it All in a Toyota Corolla in Gainesville, GA

The Corolla offers a vehicle that customers can trust for years to come while maintaining all the important qualities of a desirable car. Milton Martin Toyota sells the Corolla as well as other fantastic used and new Toyota vehicles. Furthermore, customers may head to the dealership to utilize the skills of the Service Department that can handle any fix, big or small. Select a top-notch vehicle including the Toyota Corolla in Gainesville, GA today!