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February 22nd, 2017 by

The most important part of a vehicle is its ability to keep you and your passengers safe. While having loads of technology and comfort features is nice, having a system that can protect you is far greater. It’s for this reason that the engineers at the Toyota brand have developed an intelligent system meant to keep their car buyers and their passengers safe; the Toyota Safety Sense System. This system was designed with the driver in mind and has several different technologies that will aid in the safety of everyone in the car. This is the kind of system you can find when you check out some of the Toyota vehicles offered by Milton Martin Toyota in Gainesville, Georgia. So when it comes time for you to choose a new vehicle that will provide you with the utmost protection when you need it, check out the vehicles with Toyota Safety Sense from Milton Martin Toyota in Gainesville! Let’s take a closer look at how this new system works and how you can get it today!

Toyota Safety Sense

The Packages and Features For Toyota Safety Sense

Toyota Safety Sense, just like most systems, can come with different features and packages depending on what kind of vehicle the system is going in. This makes it easier for cars of all shapes and sizes to be equipped with the Toyota Safety Sense System, ensuring that everyone stays protected. The Toyota Safety Sense system usually comes in two different packages: the Toyota Safety Sense P and the Toyota Safety Sense C. Both of these packages are meant to provide maximum protection for the occupants inside of the vehicle but are adjusted depending on the size of the vehicle. The Toyota Safety Sense C is mainly for smaller cars like compact cars. This package includes three main features that include a camera and a laser to give the vehicle greater performance and reliability when it comes to those Gainesville roads. The Toyota Safety Sense P package is for midsize to larger cars and includes a combination of technological features that work together to make up the system, like an in-vehicle camera and a millimeter-wave radar for sensing things in the front and back of the vehicle. When it comes to avoiding and preventing an accident, you’ll be happy to know that both of the Toyota Safety Sense packages are equipped with a Pre-Collision System, Automatic High Beams, and Lane Departure Alerts.

Toyota Safety Sense Feature

A Great Dealer in Gainesville

Having a system that can protect you when you need it most is important, and what can make that deal even sweeter is when you can get this system from one of the quality Toyota vehicles offered from Milton Martin Toyota in Gainesville! You can easily browse through the vast inventory offered from this dealership, and find the one that you’ll love equipped with the Toyota Safety System. When you need help in this search, you can rely on any of the professional and experienced sales staff at Milton Martin Toyota to narrow down your results based on what you’re looking for. Our dealership can also provide you with a plethora of other services to help you after you’ve chosen your vehicle, such as financing and auto-services. So when it comes to you finding the next vehicle that will provide you as much quality as safety, check out the Toyota Safety Sense from Milton Martin Toyota in Gainesville today!

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